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Wylie Lawn Boy

Looking for the best lawn care service? You don’t have to look further. Wylie Lawn-Boy offers trusted lawn care services affordably.

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About Us

At Wylie Lawn Boy, we provide 100% satisfaction with your unique problems with our guaranteed service. Several years of experience in lawn care, lawn maintenance, gardening, lawn fertilization, weed management, and seasonal cleanup. Using natural materials, we ensure that your lawn remains beautiful and safe. We work hard to provide the best professional service for your lawn. For both commercial and residential projects, we work according to your specific requirements.

It is hard to find a trust-worthy lawn service company that can deliver high-quality work on time and affordable—no need to worry. Wylie Law Boy offers convenient lawn care services, so you won't have to make several phone calls or wait for hours. Call us and make a reservation for your service.

Best Lawn Care Services We Offer

Our experts know how to get the job done while keeping your needs in mind. We have excellent lawn service at a cost that you can afford. Our team is enthusiastic about what we do. Your needs and concerns are taken care of by us. Our customers come first. We promise that we will provide a high-quality service with packages that guarantee your satisfaction.

Lawn Care/Maintenance​

We know what it takes to make your lawn look amazing, as we specialize in both residential and commercial landscaping services. Our team of experts has the skills and experience to keep it alive and well.

Our lawn-care package covers the following:

●Trimming shrubs and bushes

●Planting flowers




Your Skill


Gardening: A beautiful garden can transform your home. It can add charm to your home. Our skilled, experienced gardener can transform your garden as your desire.

Lawn Fertilization

We provide customized lawn care to suit your specific needs and expectations. We have a comprehensive solution for your lawn fertilization needs that is tailored to your specific requirements. Our quoting software can create a customized quote for your lawn fertilizer service based on your needs.

Weed Management

Controlling weeds

Weed is the lawn’s enemy; it robs its beauty and causes it to lose its form. Getting rid of weeds on your lawn can be a time-consuming and challenging job.

To stop it, we sell targeted herbicide spot-treatments.

Seasonal Cleanup

Seasonal cleaning entails removing pests, fungus, and disease from the grass and providing the following cleanup services.

  • Cleaning up an overgrown yard
  • ●Waste collection from the yard
  • ●Cleaning up an abandoned house
  • ●Debris removal
  • ●Sewage removal
  • ●Taking out the leaves
  • ●Trimming hedges
  • ●Controlling weeds
  • ●Tree care is essential.
  • ●Disposal of green wasteSeasonal cleaning entails removing pests, fungus, and disease from the grass and providing the following cleanup services.

What Makes Us Most Preferred Lawn Care Service

Don’t let the thought of finding affordable lawn care stress you out. Lawn Love will connect you with certified lawn clean-up professionals who will provide the best lawn service, and help you clean up your yard from top to bottom, and provide the best lawn care service.

We can give consumers a more modern, streamlined experience while also assisting our lawn care partners in being more persuasive, using technology, and thriving.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we want to improve our consumers’ lives and the lawn pros we work with by introducing technology to the lawn care industry. The lawn care industry has existed for hundreds of years, but it has primarily remained a low-tech operation. As a result, finding dependable, competent lawn services has been a time-consuming and frustrating task. Our purpose is to build the largest excessive-tech lawn care marketplace to construct a smarter garden care place.